Since 1999 the Foundation has donated £1.8m to over 2,600 local projects and good causes across the UK, which relieve suffering, hardship or poverty. The Foundation primarily provides funding towards practical items that directly support those in need including those with disabilities, affected by homelessness, or with serious health issues.

The Foundation is funded by Leeds Building Society and its members through the Your Interest in Theirs scheme*. It is run independently by a board of six trustees who review applications every quarter.

Who can apply

The Foundation accepts applications from UK registered charities, or those affiliated with a registered charity.

Donations usually fund items of "capital expenditure". That means items must directly help those in need, rather than contributing to the charity's running costs.

The Foundation is unable to support:

  • Religious, military or political projects
  • Overseas charities
  • Individuals (including sponsorship)
  • Animal welfare projects
  • Medical research
  • General running costs, such as salaries, rent or utility bills
  • General fundraising appeals

You don't need to have an account or mortgage with Leeds Building Society to apply for funding.

How to apply

To apply for a donation, use our online form.

After you've applied

We will try to consider your application at the next scheduled meeting. But if we have a large number of applications, or if we don't have enough funds available, we may need to take it to another meeting during the year.

If your application is successful, donations are made by cheque to the official name of your charity, normally within 7 days of the meeting.

Unsuccessful applications

You can apply for funding again if your application is unsuccessful, but not for the same item of expenditure.

Unfortunately, we can't give feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Meeting dates

Please submit your application 28 days before the next meeting date, otherwise we won't be able to review it until the meeting date after.

Meeting dates
Wednesday 11 March. Last date for applications is Monday 11 February.
Wednesday 3 June. Last date for applications is Monday 4 May.
Wednesday 9 September. Last date for applications is Monday 10 August.
Wednesday 4 November. Last date for applications is Monday 5 October.
Apply for funding

*Members can opt-in to donate the pence of their interest which is then equally split between Leeds Building Society Foundation and our national charity partner.